fredag den 11. januar 2013

What is long hair? (And brain-ramble.)

Since I read a thread on unTamedTresses, I have been thinking a lot about when hair is considered long. I know that most members in the long hair circuits slowly change their goals as their hair grows longer and they get used to it, but my view of long hair has always stayed the same (since I was about 3 or 4). I'm like, when I'm contemplating something I use a lot of energy sorting out my mind, and this process usually doesn't take a lot of time, then it's in a "box" in my brain, all sorted out. When the "stuff" are in their "boxes" I don't think about it unless I gain something new to that topic. In that way, I find it, my head is sort of clean and organized... I have no idea if that makes any sense. It's probably very general. But I'm always analyzing myself and everything around me, and I LOVE analyzing, I can't help it! @_______@

... Well, on to the hair ramble! I know what a lot of people and cultures think about long hair, but I wanted to share what I think is long hair (not that ANYONE cares. XD) Of course, we are all differently proportioned so the same hair length can look very different on dirrerent people.

Short hair:
Obviously shaved head, it doesn't get much shorter unless you want it Henry the 8th-style.
All versions of pixie cuts.
Chin length.
Shoulder length.
Arm pit length.
Bra strap length. I know it's not short-short but it's not long in my opinion. It's sort of the stage between short-ish and long-ish. It's a super pretty and flattering length, yet, sort of random.

Long hair:
Waist length.
Hip length.
Tailbone length. (FYI that's mid butt length.)
Classic length. (If you didn't know, that's where the butt cheeck meets the thigh.)

Very long hair:
Mid thigh length.
Knee length.

Super long hair:
Calf length.
Ankle length.
Floor length.
Beyond floor length.

I love hair, all kinds of hair types, and the more the marrier! So I don't judge people who doesn't share my views on what's long and what isn't. I know that many people think that BSL is quite long...
I've been wanting to write about this for a while now. ^______^ I just love rambling about this kind of stuff. If you read this, thanks a bunch, and have an amazing day or whatever it is where you are! :D


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