onsdag den 19. februar 2014


Okay, I have been out of supplies for some time now. It's the reason why I haven't been that productive when it comes to my painting… But now I finally had the money to go out and buy some!

First I bought 11 new canvases in 50cm X 50cm! (19,7"x19,7") The usual ones I always buy! I love working with such a "small" size. (That sounds kinda hilarious… No? Just me?)

They're from this brand Phoenik(?), and I'm very happy with the quality, the surface of the canvas is perfect for my work. :)

I also really needed some more paint, I was running out of pretty much all the colours I use the most. I use acrylic, and I really enjoy this brand. It's very rich and opaque, and has a really nice, creamy texture and it's very easy to work with. It also reacts really nicely to water. :)

I take really good care of my pencils, but my old one were getting a little frayed and frazzled, not to say a lot, so I thought I'd buy a couple of new ones… Okay, I did end up with quite a few! XD But it is a dream to work with new sleek pencils. Especially if you paint like I do, with a ton of very small, crisp lines and details. :)

A little close up… The easy-grip ones are AMAZING to work with!

And a close up of the big set. I like that they are very different and versatile. I really prefer synthetic hair, again with all the precise detail work I do. They are just easier to work with in my opinion. 

I am already super busy painting a lot, and I can't wait to show you!!!


I don't know if this was super boring or not? 
I hope you have nice day!

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