tirsdag den 3. januar 2012

My first entry!

Okay, so... I've really been wanting to have a place where I can write about stupid boring things that I find interesting. I'll just tell a little about myself. I've been painting since I was ten (I'm 19), and I'm currently showing some of my pictures in a little store in the town I live in. I would to to be able to live of my art, but that's not very likely to happen. Ha ha. I like to sew, and I do sew a part of my own clothes. I knit and crochet a little. My grandma just taught me how to knit socks. I've been eager to learn that for a year or something.
I have Ehlers Danlos syndrome type 3, and I live with chronic pain. For the moment I don't go to school or have a  job. I simply can't handle a job as I'm to sick to often. But when I'm not sick I like spending time doing all the things I love. This blog will be a place where I'm gonna write about hair, fashion, art, pop culture, history, make up, shoes, beauty and the like.

I think this will be the end of my first entry as I have a pounding headache T___T and I need to get a good nights sleep. I have an important interview tomorrow.

- snackie ^_____^

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