torsdag den 29. november 2012

Length shot of november 2012!

Okay, so this is my length shot of november 2012. (Before the trim.) I definitely see some slight wave in the new nonprocessed hair! (The dye is now at BSL.)
After the trim! And another one to show how it looks after I shake my head:
I'm quite happy with the result! I think it looks better. ^_^ I may be fixing it when I get home, but I'm really happy with how my brother did my trim. He was freaking scared! XD I don't know if I'm continuing maintaning at this length or if I'll grow on...
This is what he/I cut off. Some of the cut off pieces are about 4cm and some are only about 1cm. So, I now have a U-shaped hemline which I've never had before, so I'm excited!!! :) My ends still look a bit thin so maybe I'll cut off more in two months. I'm so sleepy right now so I think I'll go to bed... ^.^

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