onsdag den 28. november 2012

Hair and hemlines!

I have been sick for so long now, I feel like I'm going crazy! I've been taken off my painkillers, so I haven't been fun for the last few months...

This entry is mostly gonna be about my hair.

I have been maintaining at tailbone length for exactly six months now, and my ends are fuller but I can't see much improvement in the pictures. My ends are not more soft or shiny than before the trims, just fuller.
The first one is from july 2012, juuuust before I did the first trim. So this is before maintaining. I trimmed off growth from june and july.
This is from september 2012, two months later and here you can see the result of the first trim, just before the second trim. This time I trimmed off growth from august and september. Tomorrow is time for my next length shot and trim, so I'm a little excited!
After six months I feel like chaning my hemline. I am also growing out bangs and old face framing layers, and I hate how it looks on my hair. You can't really se it in the pics because I tuck it all in, but normally, when I have my hair down, it's very visible. I think a U-hemline would help a little and soften it up a bit. I also think that it will look much better with my thin ends. And I really like the softer hemlines on wavy and curly hair, so that will also work with my hair if it's really going wavy. I know I should do the "wait-(I don't remember how many weeks it was)" before cutting. But I have been thinking a lot about this for a long time, so I think I'm just gonna do it. Anyways, it's just hair! I'm getting my younger brother to help me with it, but he doesn't know it yet... I should probably tell him. XD

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