tirsdag den 30. oktober 2012

"New" maxi skirts.

Not too long ago I was out getting some new black fabric for some new maxi skirts, which is my basic wardrobe. So..... They were out of the fabric I like, so I had to buy something else, but that showed out to wear super fast. I could wear it maybe three times or so and then it would get little fuzzies everywhere!!! T_________T' And the fabric was not at all cheap! Well, I didn't want to just waste my time, money and effort on these skirts. So I went out and bought some chiffon and fabrics like that.
This is how some of them look like done. For a while now I've been trying to incorporate some more neutrals and earthy tones into my wardrobe. I love the hole bohemian  chic thing, it's just a little difficult for me to buy brown things... Aha ha, yeah I know it sounds stupid, but my grandma LOVES brown and orange and mouldy colours, so my hole childhood I've really hated that kind of palette. But I'm not "brownphobic" anymore. XD
I had to buy the blue toned fabrics! I'm still crazy about blue.... But to keep some simpicity to my wardrobe I made two skirts with this black, super fine mesh fabric. I know the word in danish and I googled the word but without any luck. But I think that you know what I mean by now. :)
I also found this really pretty curtain fabric. Both ends of the fabric had this effect on the ends so I made it into a maxi peplum-thing... I think it has a kind of a catholic massboy vibe to it, which I dig, weirdly enough. I don't know... I think it'll be great for a fancy boho look. It's possible to dress it down.
A little close up.
I fell over this fabric which I ADORE! I made these pants out of some of it. I had enough fabric left to make a maxi skirt, and line a bag. XD When I do pants I get so scared that I wont have enough so I end up buying way to much.
At the place I buy fabric they always have some amazing cheap leftovers, so I found this beautiful burgundy cotton. Ages ago I saw a skirt in a magazine which had a black trim detail. Fortunately I had enough black cotton fabric to make this skirt. I can't wait to wear it!

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