søndag den 7. oktober 2012

New Paintings!

So I have been busy with orders and haven't really had the time to do any real fun stuff. But I just wanted to share the latest work. :)
The first one is quite huge. It measures 1x1m/39,4x39,4" which is quite large compared to what I prefer. But I'm satisfied with the result. And the buyer was very very happy with it, so thats great. It's called "Karlsvognen" (The big Dipper(?)) and it has a very special meaning to her and her husband.
A few close ups for the details:
And the next order is a series consisting of three canvases:
My phone really hates red! T_______T' You can't really see any detail or nuances of colour, trust me it looks so much better irl. But I guess you get the idea... The titel is "Sanguis vita est" which means blood is life. I am so fascinated with blood, I think it's beautiful and lifegiving. That's why I've written the word blood in the roses, one letter for each big rose. It's very subtle and you can't see it in the pictures. If I have to paint something as sober as plain old roses I can't help but put a little twist on it. :P

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