søndag den 7. oktober 2012

Lengthshot of september 2012!

My internet has been acting up for more than a week now, but today it's working again, I guess.

I am tilting my head a little forward here. It's so painful for me to stand like this. :(
After this picture was taken I trimmed off about 1 cm. So in this pic you can se the result of my last trim two months ago. I know it looks a little uneven but it's actually my back that's uneven. Also I've been noticing a change in my hair. I have a lot of curls growing in... It feels a bit weird having very straight hair, and then suddenly I have spiral curls at the nape of my neck and waves and crazy stuff like that. If you look at the non processed hair you can see a bit of a wave thing going on, but I don't know if it's an actual wave or if it's just because I went to bed with damp hair... Normally that doesn't happen but I don't wanna get too excited if it's just a coincidence. I will have to wait and find out I guess. ^___^ Oh and when I started growing out my hair I new that it would look a lot more red the lighter it would get. I think you can start to see what I'm talking about in this picture. The top part looks brown and then a bit above my shoulders it turns into a more bright red. I still don't know what to call my hair colour.... I will probably make an entire entry about my hair colour! Ha ha. XD
The trim for this month
This is the length shot from july 2012 before the trim. I know it looks like I'm tilting my head back but I have a cowlick, so yeah. And I'm standing closer to the camera... It looks straighter here but if you really look closely you might notice some kind of small shadows on the right side of my hair.
Anyways, in july 2012 I chose to maintain at tailbone for about six months. I love fairytale ends but I don't feel comfortable with it. I always find myself cursing at my thin ends. And the obvious reason is that I just want to get rid of the dye/damage. ^______^

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