onsdag den 26. september 2012


I've been feeling ill again but I'm doing a bit better now. I wanna blog about a ton of stuff, but I'm starting with my obsession with burgundy! I have never really liked the colour before but in spring/early summer, something happened and now I can't stop! I feel like it's more appropriate for this season, even though I don't really care for fashion rules like that. And the main reason is that it took me some time to collect some burgundy items.
The first thing is an Essie nail polish in 'Bahama Mama' which I got as a present from my best friend. I love the colour and I'm actually wearing it right now. But I have to say I don't really get the hype about Essie... I mean the colours are gorgeous and the names are cute, but I find them difficult to apply. It looks patchy and it seems like it never dries, and I've been wearing so much nail polish though the last five years.... I don't know if it's just me. :( (The frind I got it from has a few Essies and it looks the same on her nails...) (And a little update: It didn't even last one day, with my best topcoat and I was so carefull... Man!)
The next thing is a flower crown I did myself. I really like Lana Del Rey and especially her use of flowers. So I had to make one!
I don't know why it looks so red, but oh well, the sun was really shining when I took this pic. Since I discovered clothesencounters (a loooong time ago) on youtube I've been obsessed with beanies, but as always I'm too cheap (and broke, haha) to buy it! So I knit them instead. That way I can also choose the material and colour. ^___^ I thought it was a fun little detail with the black top.
I bought this super oversize heavy knit in the summer on a shopping spree. It's longer in the back and has a bit of a batwing effect. It was quite cheap so I bought it in cream too! :p
Then of course the lip! In early summer I picked up a burgundy lip pencil which I just use as a lipstick. In this picture I just tried something new, an ombre lip. I like wearing this lip with my flower crown. It looks so good together.
This is a turtleneck I've had for so long... I don't really recall where I got it from. And I've never actually worn it so I don't know why I still have it, because I'm super organised. But I'm so glad I didn't toss it. I'm gonna wear this so much! :)
And the last thing for now is this eye make up. I have this really old blush (the bright warm orangy colour on the middle of my lid) which is way way too much for me as a blush. It's impossible to apply a little, it's insane. But I absolutely love it as an eye shadow. And it really brings out the green in my eyes. Which I love! ^-^

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