mandag den 3. september 2012

More fashion projects!

Some years ago I saw this amazing long sleeved, navy striped, T-dress by Stella McCartney. I have never been able to forget about it... So now I finally did something about it and made something similar by my self! :]
I bought this navy striped t-shirt a long time ago, but now I decided to go for it and paint on some pretty flowers! I used my acrylic paints because in my experience it doesn't wash off fabric very easily when completely dry. I'm pretty happy with the result. (But I have to say, just like with my paintings, some of the detail gets lost using my phone camera.)

The same night I also did a cute red skirt with an exposed zipper in the back.
The hem and the zipper are both hand sewn because I just think it looks better. And when the hem is sewn by hand, it's almost invisible which is the look I prefer. The job with the zipper isn't fantastic, but in my defence I was feeling quite ill and I couldn't sleep, so I didn't that night.
I love the skirt and I think it looks quite cute with the t-shirt from above.

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