torsdag den 30. august 2012

Long time, No see......

The past four months have been absolutely crazy! I have been so sick and buisy. My life is a mess right now, and I feel so bad that I haven't been blogging more, because I really have been wanting to. But I guess I'll just jump right back into it:
I have a few things I wanted to show you guys!

This is a leather jacket I thrifted about a month ago for about 100DKK/16,84USD. Then I bought some nice quality studs from e-bay and did this:

I've wanted a jacket like this for about 4-5 years, so I'm so happy to finally have one! The only thing I don't really like about it, is that it's real leather. :/ But I like that it's "recycled", and it was very cheap compared to what they cost in stores. And this is just how I want it! I like it styled with wampy hair/make up, but I also really like it with an androgynous styling. I got a compliment on it by a total stranger when I wore it out the first time. I was in Topshop for the very first time, and the young woman at the counter said how much she liked it. She even said that she liked it much better than any other jacket she had ever seen! She totally made my day, and I forgot all about my aching, blistered fingers. ^___________________^

Also, I started on this knit about two years ago, and finished it about a year ago. I really like it, and I think it's quite avantgarde as a casual, everyday piece. I don't really like to go crazy with make up and hair, when wearing this. It is very obviously a statement piece, and it can very quickly become way too much. (Most people probably already think it's way too much, ha ha!) I like to wear a sleek, simple high (or low) ponytail. I had never knitted something like this before, and I didn't use any patterns or help.
I think it looks so cool on. ^____^

The shoulder detail:

The last pic is a close up of the neck. I sewed one of the braids along the back neckline so the knit wouldn't roll down. And I think it's an awesome little detail. ^____^

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