søndag den 8. april 2012


Since I got my own place I have been really broke but in january/february I finally had the money for some canvases! I have been painting quite a lot since then.
This is the first one, I call it "Shot in the Ass". I was really inspired by an avantgarde fashion photo from a magazine I buy when I can afford it. The blond model was really skinny and alien looking, which I really like. I love odd beauty. When I showed it to my mum she said that it reminded her of Lady Gaga in "You and I" in the scene were she sits by the piano with long grey/blond hair and yellow/orange lips. I agree, but it's not intended. It might be something subconsiously, because I love that look. The girl in my painting also reminds me of a youtuber called Bunny/grav3yardgirl, which I'm a huge fan of. I can just watch her for hours!

This one is called "Tempus fugit" which is latin for time flyes. I don't know if that's rigth, I got it from an episode of X-files. The last year I have been sort of obsessed about the 1920's-30's and it's also the inspiration in this picture. The hair, the make up and the dress is all influenced by that era. Her face is youthful but her hair is gray from age. She is looking up with a peaceful expression, like she accepts that she can't stop time and isn't afraid to die.

And the last one for now. I don't have a title yet... I'm very fascinated with greate contrasts, and with this painting it's the contrast between life and death. The face with the healthy, vibrant colours but it's cracking like a porcelaine mask, showing the cold, white skull with the black, empty eye socket. The flowers in the gray hair, even the white shirt with the fun ribbon... It's all about the contrast in this painting. And the green eye is like a piece of hope in all the depressing awareness. That's why she also has a faint smile. I was really inspired by the Día de los Muertos which is a mexican holiday that celebrates the dead relatives. It's a day were you invite the dead family and friends and greet them and food is prepared and given with flowers and fruits. Later the living is eating and partying. I think most people know about it from the parade with fun skelletons and cute ghosts. But it's sort of that spirit I wanted to portray. I wouldn't want my relatives and family to think negative if I died. I don't think that anybody does. I mean of cause it's okay to mourn... Okay, I'm going to end now because my back is really hurting now.

- Snackie ^_______^

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