søndag den 1. april 2012

My bastard child!

I'm really tired rigth now, so my writing abilities is not to impressive.
I went and got her on the day of my last entry, and everything went fine. I got a health book where shots and other vet treatments is documented. I also got a free leash in the "deal".
She was quite inexpensive, which is the reason I got her, not that I would buy any cheap puppy. The seller seemed really nice and the quality of the animal's living conditions looked pretty good. I've been wanting a dog since I moved out and got my own place. I felt so empty living without an animal. But those lonely days are over because now I have a very energetic, elleven week old puppy. She is a mix of 75% chihuahua and 25% dachshund. I knew all along that I wanted a chihuahua or pomeranian because their personality really suits my lifestyle, with my illness and all that. But I was just researching the dachshund and I'm not really crazy about what I learned about the breed. I don't know... I'm really determined to fulfill her needs and I'm sure that she will be an amazing dog. I read a lot of bad things about the dachshund, but on the other hand I know what a horrible reputation the chihuahuas got. So I'm not too worried about it.
I named her Wednesday, as in Wednesday Addams, the daughter from the Addams family. I just love that character! ^ ^ Also the puppy is a little evil.

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