søndag den 8. april 2012

Length shot.

The length shot of march 2012.
I have been growing my hair for a few years now, and while I'm growing it longer I'm also growing out old dye and damage. When I started I was at bra strap length. I kind of like the way my hair looks like even though it's a crappy picture. The light is horrible and because of the wind the length isn't really showing dead accurate. But I like it. My hair looks lightweight and flowing, which it is irl but hair texture isn't always showing to well in photographs. My hair type is fine/medium, but I think the strands are mostly fine.  For the last month I have been washing my hair the regular way, with shampoo and then conditioner, and my hair is silky soft and easy to handle, light and my scalp is happy. For a long time I did the conditioner only method and thought I was happy, but I'm not sure if CO'ing is for me... I would really like it to be, because I like the idea of a more gentle way to cleanse the scalp and hair, but I feel like my scalp is suffocating in a mixture of dead skin cells, sebum and conditioner! And it's not that I don't rinse for long enough or don't leave it on my head for long enough or don't massage it enough. And since I started CO'ing my hair has been growing very slowly. First I feared that my terminal length was just a bit past waist length, but now I'm not so sure any more. Ha yeah, and I just bought 4 VO5 bottles, because the were selling it in my store which they usually never do.
And of course my baby Wednesday wouldn't stay out of the picture!

- Snackie  ^_________^

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