fredag den 7. september 2012

Floral dress & casual maxi skirts.

So, I have been sewing some more!
I was out buying fabric and I found this beautiful print! It's jersey and feels amazing. It's a bit difficult to see, but it's really fitted with ruching in the middle of the chest, and on the sides. It has an exposed zipper in the back and the straps are black wide bands. I feel stupid that I forgot to take a photo of the straps but oh well. As you can see it's really long, but I think it looks great. I love floral prints but they can very easily become too girly for my taste, so I really like the black. I would style this dress with a casual cropped knit, black lipstick and some nice chunky heels a la Jeffrey Campbell.

My most worn stable is the maxi skirt. It's sort of my signature. I sew them myself because I can never find ones I like and if I do find a skirt I like it's very very pricy! The plain black one on the left is the one I wear the most. I've made several just like that. The one in the middle is just because I fell in love with the fabrick! The colour is so pretty and the little bows an tiny dots are freaking adorable! The one on the right is a fail that I "fixed". I messed up the waist so I did a braid with the leftovers and made it into a cool piece. I quite like it! ^_______^ 

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