søndag den 16. september 2012

Thrift haul!

I was thrifting curtains and ended up with a bit more! XD
First I found this amazing button down. It has a matching pleated skirt, which I had to buy too if I wanted the top. I guess I can use the skirt somehow. :)
Then I found this. I love the color and the fabric looks like real silk. And I think the double collar is a fun different detail.
I'm really glad I found this red button down with a bow. I love red but I don't really have a lot of red things. Can't wait to wear it!
And for my favorite piece!...........
I freakin' love this! It's so pretty. I love the colour, the detail, the buttons.... Everything!
And a few more pics, just to show all the details. :D
On saturday I'm going to a family function, and I'm totally gonna wear this with a black maxi skirt, a soft romantic hairstyle and some edgy accessories!

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