torsdag den 27. december 2012


Yeah, I discovered the name for it! (I know it's kinda pic-heavy...) I was freaking scared of doing this, but I'm super happy with the result! Again, because of my obsession with symmetry, I did two equal pieces. I did use bleach, which I know is like worshiping Satan in the long hair circuit, but I don't really care much... I'm generally very good with my hair and it's not like I did my hole head. I didn't leave it on for very long because I wanted to achieve the, much hated, brassy look. Since my natural hair colour is a light auburn, dark strawberry blond, red-ish light brown, (whatever you wanna call it!) I don't at all dislike red hues in my hair. BTW I took the pictures using my bathroom lighting wich makes my hair look anything but red. (You can see how green-ish the door looks.)
I really like the sort of feather look. If you look up coontails on google it's very scene kid-styled, but I wanted to do it in a hippie/bohemian inspired edition. It reminds me of fasan feathers. I think it looks elegantly subtle yet edgy, and if I wanna hide it I can just make a sideparting. The coontailed pieces is some of the old face framing layers I'm growing out, so they are not as long as the rest of my hair. After the bleaching I treated my hair with a nice deepconditioning, followed by some good old coconut oil! And I'm not gonna wash my hair for a week... *__________* (So far I can't feel any changes in my hair. And even though my hair is sort of fine, it's actually surprisingly strong.)

I'm cazy in love with my hair rigth now!!! <3<3<3

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