torsdag den 27. december 2012

(Fashion)Stuff I got for Christmas!

I think some people calls it a Christmas haul, anyways, it's just some of the awesome stuff I got...
First, I love basics, and this is a very casual cotton shirt. I'm still totally in love with all nuances of wine-type colours, and grey is also one of my great loves. So it couldn't be more perfect for me!
The next item is this amazing, slouchy knit. It’s very, very big (intentionally) but it’s quite light. I love the colour and the pattern. I think it’s so pretty! I think I’ll roll up the sleeves and maybe wear a belt to cinch in my waist. I can’t wait to wear it! ^_^ And a little close up of the knit:
The next thing I got is this rad belt. I’ve wanted a chain-type belt like this for a very, very long time.
I also dig the "reptile" leather accent.
Yay! More beanies! I can't get enough of them, they are a total lifesaver on bad hair days. *____*And they are, at least in my opinion, pretty cool...

Next thing is this amazing pair of earrings. First, I’m quite obsessed with symmetry so I really like that it’s a pair and not just one chain cuff. Then, I love how dainty they are with the fine chain and the pearl stud.  
I got a new hat! During the last year I’ve actually bought quite a few hats… I'm probably doing a post about it soon… :) Well, I’ve always liked this kind of “man” hat, so I was very happy when I got this for Christmas. It’s a little too big on me, but that’s okay because with my everyday bun it fits! With all my other hats I have to have my hair in a loose braid or down. So it’s actually great.
These necklaces are a little present to myself.  They were very cheap so I couldn’t resist. I adore the red one and how baroque it is. I love everything resembling that period… I love the other necklace for the simplicity and modern feel. I’ve really been into necklaces lately. And both have a gunmetal look which I absolutely love!!! ^ ^

I also got the two first seasons of both Mad Men and Vampire Diaries. I loved VD from the first few episodes, but with MM I wasn't convinced at first... But now I quite like it, so can't wait to have a series marathon! (I don't have cable or anything like that.) I also got some money and other "boring" stuff. I didn't get a ton of stuff because I'm from a very little family, but I'm very happy with what I got. I held Christmas with my mom and little brother at my place, so it was my first Christmas at my own place, so that was pretty cool. ^__^ I hope you also had an amazing time during the Holidays!



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