søndag den 9. juni 2013


Not really, I'm just going to lighten my hair colour a bit with a hydrogen peroxide spray, similar to  'Sun-In' and the very popular John Frieda 'Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray'. I have been trying to naturally lighten my hair with a blend of honey, extra virgin olive oil and cinnamon, because no damage has been reported using this method, but it does nothing to my hair colour and it's an extremely messy process. I just got tired of the dripping and wash out when nothing happened. I've researched A LOT about the honey method for years, so I doubt that I'm missing anything... Anyways, I've just recently noticed this kind of spray here in Denmark. It was on sale and I was starting to think about other ways to lighten my hair. I'm not that concerned about the possible damage because it's very gradual, so I can just stop using it if it gets horrible. I'm planning on applying it 2-4 times a month at first. It obviously depends on the results.

Okay I've found a few pictures of something that comes kinda close to what I'm going for. (I didn't find the perfect picture though.)

(God I love both the band and her!)

This one is an absolutely beautiful colour, but it's a bit dark for what I'm going for.

I LOVE the colour of the ends of Gagas hair in this picture! (And everything else!)

So, I'm basically going for a lighter version of my natural hair colour. :) I'm not tired of how my reversed ombre looks but I'm tired of the fact that because of the darker ends my hair looks brown and not red, which is what I consider it to be. I've also had it for over two years, so I feel like it's time to move on. Also when I go ahead and do this spray thing, I know that I won't grow tired of lighter ends when I decide to grow it out, because it will look awesome! And you could call it an exaggerated version of what my hair naturally does, colour wise. :) I'm very excited about this project!

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