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I have this childhood friend from school, ten years ago she was my very best friend. :) Recently we've started seeing each other again, which is nice. Back when we were bff's she was the arty one. She got a ton of compliments on her whimsical drawings, and was known as the one with the skills. I did a lot of drawing too, but I was way too shy about it to show anyone. Just about when we separated I started painting. Now I can't live without it, and have been painting intensively for about five years… :)
As we started talking again we came up with this idea of painting each other a painting! As a poetic friend gift that we'll keep forever! Well, lets move on to the paintings!

First, the painting I did for her:

I wanted to make something that I felt was her, so I tried doing something whimsical and fun. I think it turned out pretty well, I really like the feel and the colours. :)
You can't see it but there's a teeny tiny pink hart on the spider. ^_^

… A little strange humanoid creature, with red hair, just peeking it's head up from the water to see what's up. :)

The fairy is telling her some horrible news, and magical, pastel rainbow tears stream down her face. She's supposed to be some kind of water/nature-goddess… :)

… With a necklace of live fish swimming around her neck. 

The green dotted parts are supposed to be scales. :) And her hair is like the wild wavy ocean.

And the painting she did for me!:

I love everything about it! The background colour is one of my favorites. I love the strange red flowers, and the owl is simply magical!!! ^___^ Purple and with huge lashes!

A little closeup of the beautiful peacock-like tail. :) Amazing idea! I even love her signature. :]

The golden key is also pretty cool. 

I think it's a pretty stunning red colour. :)

And a detail to dye for!: A peek into a magical pink forrest on it's cute round belly!!! OMG I dig it so bad! XD

This was an amazing experience! I will keep it forever and look at it all the time. I can't wait till I'm a 100 and look at it, and think about when we were young. Such a romantic thought… :]
I love her painting a ton, and she seemed to really love the painting I did for her, so yeah!!! ^___^

I hope you enjoyed! 

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