onsdag den 9. april 2014

Length shot of march 2014!!! (And a little Trim)

Okay, first I did a length shot like I always do, and even though my ends look a little thin, I do feel like I'm at classic now. Technically it's only my ends, and I do definitely see the annoyance with having any other than a straight across hemline. I find it a little hard to determine what length I can call myself? But in this first picture the tips are proper past classic. :) Yay!... 

I felt like I needed a little trim, not because of the look of the ends, but because of the feel of them. They where beginning to tangle all the time, feeling dry and dull. It is also about eight months since the last trim, and I never really go for longer than that, because my ends just needs it at that point. When my deep cleansing shampoo doesn't make my ends all soft and shiny, I know it's time! ^___^ And I LOOOVE trimming! Not trimming and growing is definitely fun and all, but I really have to restrain myself from not trimming until I have no left… XD Which is why I can't wait until I have reached my ultimate goal of a long mid thigh, and then just maintaing!!! :)

The result after the trim… I think this is about the worst and most wonky trim I've ever done! It was supposed to come out as a U-hemline but it looks like a soft V… Which is very pretty, but not what I was going for! And I really re-researched to be completely sure I did like the last time. But I guess this is what happens sometimes. It doesn't bother me too much 'cause I'm just gonna trim again in two months anyway. :) I decided some time ago that when I did reach classic I would rest a bit and maintain, for the bulk of hair to catch up a bit more. :) About  the bulk, it is actually slowly getting further down. For approximately a year I was really scared that I was never gonna get a thick, even hemline, not to say reach classic... But yeah!...

As you can see I did trim off a good inch! (The measuring-thingy is in centimeters.) And my ends feel so much better now!!! :3

Length shot of march 2013

Can you tell I've lost a little weight since last year? About the hair, I really like comparing to older hair pics, but today it's a bit depressing 'cause I don't see much difference… I know there is, but… If I really look, I can see that the shirt isn't past the cheeks-meets-thigh-area, which my hair is now, even after the trim. But I guess it's a love/hate thing, comparing old pics with new. 


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