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Mixed Mega Haul!!!

Okay, this is gonna be a huge collective haul, with stuff I bought a very long time ago, but haven't got around to blog about, and more resent stuff! I hope you'll enjoy it anyway. ^^

Okay! I bought this necklace all the way back last summer. *___* Well, I'we always wanted an old hollywood glamour necklace, like a waterfall of diamonds on your chest. And this was what I liked the most, from the available selection. It was kinda cheap, but it sparkles like crazy, so it doesn't look the price. :)

These vintage clip on earrings is kinda huge and ridiculously bling bling. But I adore them. They also sparkle a ton, and I really like the gold! I've been really into gold lately, which is something else, since I've always strictly been a silver person. But I'm sure enjoying it now! (Also bought last summer, thrifted.)

I was at a store where you buy electrical cords and garden stuff and all kinds of different stuff for fixing houses/gardens. I don't know what it's called, I only know the name of the store here in DK, so. My point is that the least thing I expected to purchase was a set of earrings! XD But this cool, middle aged couple had a stand with all their handmade jewelry, and I found these which is made from two old tea spoons. I love hard. And the style reminds me of the victorian era, and the tear drop earrings of that time. It's not an easy style to find, I can tell you that!!! 

This necklace is thrifted last summer, and I love it! I'm not too much into the chain, but I love the pendant. And I can always change the chain sometime. :)

This next necklace is a very dainty, classic chain-chain necklace. When I bought it, the heavy chain chokers where the shit. I love how this is a very delicate version of that, 'cause I never really loved the trend. But I love this. And again, it's a gold colour. 

Last fall I got a gift certificate which I spend on, among other things, this tiny Beyonce Heat perfume. I didn't know how it smelled when I bought it, but it was on sale and where really cheap, so I took a chance. And OMG I'm happy I did! I haven't had a perfume for a long time, but this is the best perfume I've ever smelled! I love it so much. I hate fruity, sweet, spicy and strong perfumes (which is pretty much every single one out there!), but this one is totally amazing imo… I hope I won't grow tired of it. I still can't get enough of it!

My local store has begun carrying some Wet n Wild products, which I absolutely love! I bought a gel eye make up primer, a pink, shimmery highlighter blush, and finally(!!!) a black lipstick. I haven't tried the primer yet, but I love both the highlighter and lipstick 

I also bought this Dream Pure BB 8-in-1, and I love it very hard! It has salicylic acid in it, and covers very lightly. It also has SPF 15. And they best part: it's light enough for the largest demographic of my country, FAIR SKIN!!! Yay! It doesn't make me look orange and ridiculous! XD I bought it at my local general store. The compact is L'Oreals Nude Macique BB Powder 5-in-1. It's an okay product, but I won't repurchase. I like the packaging though. :)

For the longest time I've wanted this!!! And I found out that my local cheap store (I don't know what else to call it?) had them. I love it in red, and it was so cheap I couldn't resist. ^^

Another thing I got for my gift certificate is this set of toiletries/make up bags. I love, love, love the colours and the print. And I love the black velvet as well. :) And it was really something I needed. Kind of expensive though. 

I got this super cute, shiny rose pocket mirror for my bag. My old one fell apart, and when you love wearing lipstick, this is kinda a necessity! I also got this from the cheap store, and it costed pretty much nothing. 

Another local store had this lash dye on sale, and since I always try to pinch a penny, I couldn't resist. I regularly dye my eye lashes and brows because my natural coloring is quite fair. And black lashes really makes my, mostly green, hazel eyes pop. But I have to say, this product is NOT worth it. :( It's so bad, I couldn't see a visible result when it comes to my lashes, and I have a lot of them! And the product stings like a mothafucka when it gets in my eyes, much worse than my usual product. Sometimes it's impossible to avoid, when you wipe it off. But my plan is to just use it on my brows. I'm not going to throw it out, I'm way too cheap to do that! :P

Last summer I bought this as a souvenir! I've wanted this kind of old styled, romantic vaporizer since I was a little girl. It's so pretty!!! The only thing that would make it better was if it where antique, but I still think it's impeccable.

I thrifted these some time ago. I love that they are big and chunky and tacky. They look very ghetto to me, but I love that. :) I like wearing it with a chunky knit.

The same day I found this nice, little belt. It makes an outfit instantly chic and sophisticated. 

Another pair of thrifted, vintage, clip on earrings! These are quite heavy and uncomfortable, but I really love the mix of vibrant green and blue! Again, I love the gold details. They go PERFECTLY with this super green top I have. It's exactly the same green as in the earrings, and style wise they really complement each other. 

This brooch is thrifted a long, long time ago! I got it for nothing, and I really like it!!! Again, more gold… :)

I'ver never really had any neutral nail polish, so last summer I got myself two! I have to say, I'm not really impressed with any of them. :( The MaxFactor one makes ugly bubbles when it dries, and they both never really harden well, and chips fast. Usually I love GOSH when it comes to nail polish, but they didn't have one I liked… :( 

It was quite over due for a new mascara (my old ones are OLD, as in several years), and I felt like trying this one. I'm glad I did cause I though-roughly like it!!! I have long lashes, so I always go for mascaras that volumize and doesn't clump, and this one is my new holy grail! Love it a ton!  

I love both of these products, which I got last summer. The first thing is a Kate Moss lipstick that I saw looking beautiful on Zoella from Youtube. It's in 107, a nice, darker, deep red, without too much purple. I have a similar lipstick, but with way more purple, so I wanted something different. :) It's a nice product, and I love the colour. It has a bit of a matt finish, which I prefer, because it makes my lips look a little fuller. The other product is also from RIMMEL LONDON, the Scandaleyes waterproof precision micro eyeliner pen. Phew, what a mouthful! I quite like that one too. :)

I found this necklace on sale along time ago. I had been eying it for ages, but had told myself no several times. Then I saw it 50% off, I mean it was quite cheap to begin with, so I had to! I love how simple it is. And it's a tiny, little chain, light and feminine but the black gives it a bit more edge. I like it! And I wear it pretty often.

From last summer as well. I do need my falsies, which I love wearing once in a blue moon. I'd been wanting to try the single lashes for about a year, so I got them. I didn't get around to trying them until a few weeks ago, and I'm not doing that again! I mean, the result was pretty sweet, but OMG it took forever! I like to take my time when I do my make up, because I think it's fun, but this is just making it a dang chore! No, I'd rather use the regular full ones, thank-you-very-much! ^^

Also from last summer… I got these as a pair of stable, every day earrings. I'm really into all things iridescent, and they're so pretty! I'm wearing them as we speak (or as I type?).

I'd been looking for a decent pair of gold cross earrings, and I found this nice and cheap pair at H&M, in december.

… Same place I found this super teeny-tiny scull necklace. It's the smallest necklace I've ever seen! 

Okay, I really love heels shit, but sometimes it's not the most practical thing, especially when you're challenged with a painful, disabled body like myself, so I decided it was about time I got myself a good pair of boots! I found this awesome (and very cheap, as always going for the cheap stuff! XD) pair at Deichmann, a cheap shoe store back in december.  

I love the gold detail on the heel, and the buckle is pretty cool too. And they are very comfortable with the stretchy, elasticated part on the side. :)

The zipper works great, which is an important thing to me and my stupid, aching fingers. 

I had to get my hands on this top… I love the grey sweat pants fabric mixed with white, delicate lace, and it's so comfy! I'm considering cropping it, and cutting up to the bottom of the lace, getting rid of the bottom section of the grey fabric. Everything that shows off my waist is more flattering. (From H&M, back in december.)

It's the same story with this floral tee. I wanna crop it! :P (Also from H&M, back in december.)

I don't remember the name of the store but the name on the label says ICCI. It's soft and beautiful! I've worn it so much already, and even though it's a little too hot here in the summer, I'm still wearing it! I always expect these kind of heavy knit cardigans to be super expensive, but this was actually really affordable… Looking back, I wish I'd bought two of them! :''''( Ha ha!

This pair of black and white tribal leggings from H&M is so incredibly soft! I tend to only wear maxi skirts and dresses, that I make myself, but I love the thin, chill material. And of course, I don't mind the look of them. :)

I absolutely love the idea of having an old handkerchief with lace details around the edges in my purse! I don't have the hart to actually use it, but I love looking at it, and having it with me. It's thrifted back in november for practically nothing.

It's so sheer and light, and I actually like the floral lace. It's handmade! *o*

I still love ma beanies!!! I got this white one back in december, thinking it would look nice and casual with all my white, a little too formal sometimes, wardrobe pieces. I also think it looks great with the sweatshirt/lace top, I showed further up! :) I'm still kinda crazy about white...

I was thrifting t-shirts for my mom and got this, hoping it might fit her… Well, it didn't, so I just kept it for myself, which I seriously don't mind. I love the strong fuchsia colour, even though my iPhone doesn't, and I love the bow and especially the cut. :)

With my ridiculous obsession (do you get the reference???) with boho chic, I couldn't pass up this beautiful lace vest!!! It has some bead and crystal details, which I'm not too sure about if I should cut off or not?… I haven't decided yet, but I might do, especially because of the possible hazard of my hair getting caught! :S

But my favorite part is the rose on the back! It's so freakin' gorgeous imo!!! It's a thrifted treasure from awhile ago with a very low price tag. :)

This white shirt has a formal look with a hint of the 70's to me. I had to get it! This is also a thrifted piece, and again, even more lace! Do you believe me now when I say I'm obsessed?! XD

Okay, this is a very unusual buy for me, but the colour of it is so irresistible to me, and I'm really drawn to the kind of outdated cut and style. I didn't try it on when I bought it but it fits like a glove!!! And I discovered that it's actually handmade! Respect! :) 

This is also thrifted. The only thing is, that the length of it is a wee bit short on me, but I'll live. 

It's quite rare that I find a brand new article of clothing that I MUST posses, but that was the case with this one. And I hate 3/4 length sleeves, I really do, but I love everything else so much, that I can overlook that! XD I love the peplum cut, I love the gold feline heads around the soft, open neckline. I love the super soft material, and the gold zipper in the back! And the gold on black...

It was very hard even getting a semi-good closeup of the gold heads, since the black is so dark and the gold is so bright and contrasting. My phone doesn't know which colour it should focus on! XD

And the zipper… It's a small detail, but a detail I love nonetheless. The shirt was not exactly cheap, but it was back in december and I felt like giving myself a little treat. Yeah I'm one of those people who sometimes likes to give myself a little extra present! :P Sorry, not sorry...

I got this basic shirt at the cheap store. :) I like it as a nice looking pj-shirt, or just a casual, girly stayin'-in-the-house-shirt. :) And as you can see, I'm still really into pink and floral. ^^

A little close up! I really like that the leopard print is blue. :)

I don't remember where I saw it, but last summer I had to get a rosary necklace. I'm really interested in history and religion, and I think that the catholic church has a great sense of style. ;) No matter what, I've always loved the esthetics of rosaries, I think they're really beautiful.

A little close up of The Man! :P

This bag is also from a shopping trip, back in december. I'm really cheap with most things, especially when it come to fashion, because I like many different things and I don't really have a big income, so you have to get creative. Besides that, I would never spend a larger amount on a purse!!! It's also really rare for me to find a bag that fit my demands as well as being affordable. But I did see this and it was so incredibly cheap so I went ahead and just got it. I love the cut outs! It's very summerly to me. It's pretty much falling apart now, but what can you expect when it's foe leather (which I prefer) and really cheaply made. Oh well, I've been using it for a good long time now, so I don't mind. I'm still not throwing it out though! :D

It has a burnt orange lining of cotton, with a side pocket with zipper, and a few open pockets for phone etc. I bought it at Deichmann, the same place I got my boots. ^

A purse I bought last summer, costing a little more, is a purse I'll never grow tired of. And it hasn't worn out yet, you can't even see I've used it! :D It's also foe leather. I love the vague resemblance it has to Chanel, with the classic quilt and chain. I like it a lot. The only minus is that it's juuust a little too small. :( I can use it for special occasions, but it can't fit all my necessities, which isn't a lot, trust me I'm a neat freak. Especially when it come to my purse! :) I got it at Neye.

I LOVE GLITTER AND SPARCKLE!!! And when I saw this cardigan I literally felt the arrow of Cupid piercing my hart, and I'm not at all being dramatic!!! XD Ha ha. No really, I love the mix of black and tan and the sequin is so pretty! 

I tried getting a shot of the colours of the sequin, but. my. phone. just. wouldn't. corporate. This is the best I could do, blurry and all. But it mostly looks green, with flashes of red, orange and blue. It's what the scales of my mermaid tail would look like, if I had one!!! ^_^

These lip balms are yet another thing I found at my local cheap store! I started out buying the cherry one, but I liked it SO much, I had to get one in both lemon (oh how I adore everything lemon!!!), orange and water melon (mostly influenced by HelenMelonLady from Youtube!)

A little picture of what they look like on the inside! They only thing that scares me about this type of product is the amount of bacteria that accumulates? But I try to freeze them once in a while, and wipe it the with sanitizer the best I can. That should do it, right!?

Finally I got myself a toiletry bag for my hair stuff only!!! *^_____^* Perfect for the cause and it was on sale!

This is actually my Christmas present from my mom! I've always wanted a lush, glamorous fur coat, I saw this beauty in a catalog, and I was like; can I haz!!!??? It's obviously fake fur, I wouldn't want a real one. It's ridiculously soft and I intentionally got it way too big, as big as I possible. I love the 20's-30's-40's old Hollywood glamour look, with the humongous long fur coats pretty much drowning the women wearing it. Ahhh, I love...

Normally I don't like overdoing the leopard print, but with this I was like HAIL YEAH, bring it ON! XD I will wear it happily ever after! It looks very expensive to me, but really it wasn't too bad, I mean it's a lot of money for a coat, but most people spend that on a regular everyday coat, sooo. Besides, I really freakin' wanted it!!! :P 

Back to thrifted stuff! I'm not sure how to wear this scarf, but I'm very determined to!!! I love the fringyness, and it reminds me a little of the movie Moulin Rouge, or more specifically the tango dancin' Nini! But generally it looks like something form a different time to me. And it was/is in great condition!

A close up of the intricate floral stitching detail. Black is also a tricky colour to get through a lens.

I kinda collect vintage night gowns, so when I saw I had to have! :) It's very clear to me that it's from the 60's somewhere...

… See it? I think it's a cute colour, it's very comfy and in great condition. 

Okay, there is a whole story around this. When I was a lot younger I raided my mothers closet for old clothes that I got the permission to cut up and make stuff out of. She had this beautiful button down, in grey with vibrant red roses, which I of course hacked up… *_______* A few years later I hated myself for it, and mourned over this beautiful piece of clothing… Then a few months ago I found this jacket in one of my local thrift shops, from the exact same line!!! OMG I could not believe my luck! I got it without blinking and I'm loving it real hard! ^^ I love the ancient cut and style, and it's just beautiful in my eyes!

The picture does not give the colours any justice!

About the same time as I got the jacket, I got this on sale at my local underwear store. I love lingerie and super feminine stuff, and I consider this piece nothing less than amazing! 

This pastel mint top is thrifted but not vintage. It's so pretty!!! Argh, it's so pretty I don't have sufficient words.

These gurtle-type panties is from the same underwear place I got the white bralette, and they where also on sale. I didn't have anything like this, which I used as an excuse to go and get it, tihi! Looks very old-school to me. :)

This dusty rose cardigan is also thrifted. It is a very, very thin, fine knit material, and guurl, I can never have too many cardigans! 

Oh this is another one of those pieces I can't believe I found and now own! It's a cropped cardigan from the 80's, with lowly huge sleeves. :I I love the delicate pink colour! I lover every dang thing about it!!!

I saw this Baby Lips balm before everybody talked about them on Youtube. They just recently became available in the general stores here in Denmark. But I was shopping for some cheap hair products when I stumbled upon this. I was super excited because it was purple! I love purple lips, but it is so difficult to find an actual purple anything for the lips, trust me, I've been on the internetz and looking hard, but with no satisfying results. :( Anyway, I thought it looked interesting, and it was very cheap so I thought; what the heck?! It doesn't really give a big colour payoff, which I didn't really expect from a balm, but it smell like divine forrest fruit tea, a classic I never get sick off. :) So yay!

When I was visiting a special exhibition at an art gallery, some time ago, I got this pill shaped pill bottle/box as a souvenir. Also, because of the painkillers I take several times a day, I make it a bit more fun by collecting fun or interesting pill boxes. :) I love this one! 

Back a long time ago, I did a blog post about a tiny test bottle of CHI Silk Infusion which I heard about  back when I started growing out my hair, and I never forgot about it. I got the sample bottle, I liked it quite a bit, especially because it's for both hair and nails so I don't have to worry about if it's really bad if gets on my skin. Anyways, I got a much bigger bottle! I haven't started using this one yet 'cause I have an oil I have to use up first… :S But I'm looking forward to it! :)

This pair of glorious earrings is an E-bay purchase, and they where very, very cheap. As I explained previously in this post, I love tear drop earrings. And these are absolutely perfect for my life!!! They are romantic, elegant and rose gold! Does it get any better? :)

The last thing for tonight is this thrifted robe. It's vintage and real silk. It's quite fade in the front, but I still find it beautiful. :)

It has the most beautiful, handmade, floral stitching on the pockets and one big on the back!

I was told that it's from China… I don't know, it looks more like a japanese style to me. But who cares! I just love it!… I'm actually wearing it now. ^____^

So pretty and colourful!

I really hope you enjoyed! :D I have had a lot of work doing this post, since I've been accumulating a ton of stuff for a long time which I haven't gotten around to share until now. :S 


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