onsdag den 2. juli 2014

Length shot of may 2014!!!

So late, I know! :) It's been the usual, ill-and-tied-to-the-bed-thing. So yeah.
On to the pics! I couldn't choose between the three pictures so I'm giving you them all! Yay… XD

My mom likes this first one the best...

This second one is with very tousled hair. And I think I like it the best.

I like the third one too...

I didn't have the time for a trim this time, but I'm aiming for next time! ^^
I don't mind it too much. I'm enjoying the fairytale ends, but with my black hair it looks more fairyhell. I love how my hair looks when it's black and long, and I love how people associate it with the role of Takako Fuji from The Grudge. I find beauty inspiration in horror too. :)
I'm very excited to just sit and wait for my hair to grow longer and longer. I'm fully enjoying every minute of it!

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