fredag den 22. februar 2013

I have been sewing again! ^_^

First, I have been wanting to make a velvet dress for a long time. A floor length, long sleeved dress with a sensual sort of Morticia-esk feel. I originally wanted a beautiful deep, dark green that looks almost black but with virbrant green "highlights", you know when the light hits the creases of the fabric and curves of the body... Yeah I really had it all planned out, but there isn't a huge variety in Denmark, unless you wanna pay a ton of money. Anyways, I ended up with this fun and different velvet print!

I actually really like it! I quite dig the eccentricity of the blue and orange asian flowers. I love how it looks on me, and I have so many things I can style it with. It can be very dressy but you can quite easily dress it down with a demin shirt as a cardigan.
The back of the dress. Fun fact: I did more pleats in the front than in the back... Even though I'm sort of curvy I don't really have a lot of booty! Aha ha...

Then I found some super beautiful baroque-ish floral fabric! I have been looking for something like this for years!

Aaaahhh, I love this fabric so much... Because of the busy print and the fact that it's very stiff I wanted to make a very fitted pencil skirt. Also to add sex and a modern feel to it. Again, this is super easy to dress up with a light material button down or to dress it down with a basic t-shirt and cozy cardigan. Either way, I adore it!!!
In the back I did this little slit, I just thought it was a nice little detail. :) Oh and I did a hidden zipper in the back aswell, I don't know why I didn't take a pic of that?...
I also ended up with enough fabric to make a few decorative pillow cases!

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