torsdag den 14. februar 2013

January length shot 2013!


The lighting is kinda horrible and the picture was sort of taken spontaneously... I was wearing some ugly ass pj's... XD Oh well! After the picture was taken I went out and trimmed again (about 1-2cm). I'm still not sure if I wanna grow on or keep maintaining at this length. I kinda feel like I have to just choose. I think my ends look much better now and I'm slowly getting tired of this length, it's not excactly a flattering length on me, I think. I'll probably grow on towards classic length now! And for the first time in about five years I'll go out an buy a new leave-in conditioner. When I started dyeing my hair about 5-6 years ago I bought a ton of leave-in's to treat my hair, and just recently, I've used up all the old stuff. It's a bit stupid but I'm quite excited to get a new leave-in!!! ^ , ^

BTW, I'm having computer problems, so that's why i haven't been super active. XD

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