onsdag den 20. februar 2013

Thrift haul!!! (Well, mainly)

I have a profound weakness for floral printed shoes, and I found these cute flats! They were only 99 DKK/17,81 USD so I had to have them...

I am so excited about this adorable, minty nightgown! Only, when I got it home I discovered it had a... certain smell... Like old-lady-piss. :( Washing it did not help at all, I had to soak it in vinegar for hours to eliminate the smell. If I had noticed the smell at the store I don't think I would have bought it, but the stores in Denmark are small and often very smelly. So thrifting in DK is definitely a very dirty job!

When I saw this a had to get it even though it's bought in a regular (menswear, though) shop. At least it was 50% off! XD Not too many years ago I aspired to become a tattoo artist, and pinups definitely has a special place in my heart. And I adore all things navy styled. I think most fashionistas know that it was Coco Chanel who started wearing stribes like that, but I don't know how many who know where she got it from. She saw fischermen who wore jumpers and knits with the, now classic, stribes. I even heard a story where she, with a friend, "stole" a few sweaters from a fischer. I don't how accurate it is but I think it's a bit funny. Anyways, I love this T-shirt!
This (new)item was freakin' 70% off, and also it's burgundy and lace!!! Two things I absolutely love, now combined!
And the back of it has these nice buttons and a cute little cut-out.

This (also new) was also 70% off and it's so sexy boho I just had to have it. I guess I'm ready for summer?
And back to thrifted stuff! I just thought this snow white (irl it's very. very white!), quirky button down was really nice, and with the collar I think it screams "the 70's". Styled right I think it'll look awsome in a polished boho look. Yeah, I know I always write about bohemian styled items but I can't get enough of it...
I also found this very nice oversized blazer. It's in a very soft and thin material so it's more like a blazer cardigan, which I love, and it's so, so comfortable! ^___^ I'm not really a fan of the super fitted look when it comes to blazers. I don't know if it's just because it's overdone... But I think it looks so much more chic when it's oversized.
I can't have enough cardigans! And I like how unusual this one is. I think it looks much better irl by the way.  I really like the alsmost pastel orange, green and turquoise on the cream base.
I got this amazing black velvet clutch for 5 DDK/0.90 USD! A freakin' steal!!! I really tried to get a decent pic but I had to settle with this... It doesn't do it any justice, it looks so new and pretty irl.

I have been wanting to buy/make something like this for a while now so I'm so happy I found this amazing belt. ^___^
I couldn't not buy this apron! It's so adorable and super feminine, I really love how it's too much. XD

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