onsdag den 29. januar 2014

General Ramble!

I'm currently annoyed by a virus… It's just a small cold, not too bad. But when I get a cold it lasts for sooo looong! I'm at 2 weeks+ and it hasn't broken yet… :S It's physically getting exhausting. Not too long ago I had a very tough and very long period with a really bad "attack". I'm STILL not okay after that, so this cold is pushing it! I've suffered from the headaches and a bit of visual light spots the last week, which is the prelude to a full-blown attack. The thought only, makes me pee my pants… It was so painful the last time!!! And LONG. I'm never ready for it, but right now I feel like I can't handle it. I'm exhausted! That's also why I haven't been too active here. As we speak I have a pounding headache, despite of taking an unhealthy amount of painkillers. But that's that…

It's almost time for another length shot!!! I'm doing it here in the weekend. :) I almost can't wait, I'm getting so close to classic! I think the tips may be there, but I won't celebrate too soon. I'm also planning on doing an entry about my hair- care and philosophy. It will be extensive! So I have to have some time on my hands. It's important stuff to me, so I wanna do it properly. ^___^

I've begun to try to live more healthy. NOT as a new years resolution!!! I've been thinking about it for a long time, but I can't think about healthy living when I'm too sick to even get out of bed, read or cook for that matter. And I'm not talking about changing a lot. It's more the little things. I'm looking into super foods. I'm starting to cut down on sucker. I'm getting back to dark chocolate and almonds as candy. That kinda stuff. :) I do wanna take better care of my body, not that it does anything illness-wise in my case. I also bought this herbal tea yesterday. It's full of great stuff which I first realized when I got home. I just bought it because I tasted it, and really liked it, when I visited some close family. So, yay! :)

I think that's it for now! I will drink some tea and water, and go to bed!

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