tirsdag den 2. april 2013

HENNA! (Yes, it's a scary word.)

... For so many reasons... When you say henna here in Denmark, most people think of old women with an orange halo of a frizz ball. Think Johnny Depp as the mad hatter. Yeah...

Well on to my results(I did it on febuary the 28th):

Excuce that my hair isn't completely dry. These first pictures was about two days after application.

This was after another few days, straight. The colour has oxidized. Now over a month later, the red has faded a bit (as first time henna applications usually do) but that doesn't bother me at all. I also did my roots for the first time 5 days ago, and I actually liked it. I thought I would hate it, but I love it. :D When I did my roots, instead of doing a full henna mix like my full length application, I did a mix of 45% henna/55% cassia. I might even go weaker. I'm still thinking about lightning my hair with honey. I don't want less red, I would just like it to be maybe a few shades lighter. BTW my roots weren't at all obvious which, as a lazy person, I love.


The last one is four year old me. Since then my natural hair colour has only darkened a bit. :)

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