fredag den 26. april 2013

Old Vanity!

My vanity desk/mirror/whateveryoucallitinenglish! This is the first piece of furniture I bought (about two years ago)! It's at least 150 years old and I think it's absolutely amazing.
I got it as a complete set with this night stand with original marble top, and a little padded stool that I refurbished myself. I placed the new gold brokade fabric ontop of the other, so I didn't remove anything. :)

I'm planning on repainting it all sometime... I want a better looking goldpaint... I just love the mix of gold and cream!
I really, really love antiques! I love to imagine the amount of different people who have reflected themselves in the mirror, how many who have touched the surfaces. And the handcrafted quality! I like to think about who created it. I love the spirit and soul of antiques. I'm definitely a collector! 
Awhile ago I found this beautiful antique brush and comb set in silver and natural hair, the comb is plastic though. They have super pretty rose details! I have always wanted a set like this, so I was so happy when I found it with the original box at a local christmas flea market.
The last thing is this little old hand mirror. I have no idea if it's anything worth but I don't care. It was my grandmothers which she got from a few generations back, so I know it's quite old. But it has a huge sentimental value to me! ^_____^ I was very close to her when she was alive. I miss her.  

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