søndag den 7. april 2013

I splurged!

... In all kinds of hair products! Several years ago I bought a ton of leave-in's and finally I've used them all up! So I was out looking for a new leave-in because I can't live without it, and I was horrified to discover that the stores in my area doesn't sell ANY leave-in's anymore... They only sell fancy hair oils, I mean DA FUCK!?? I have oils already! I want my cones!!! :( ... I knew that oils for hair is the "new" big thing, but to completely stop carrying leave-in's, I'm just... Just speechless! *________*
I guess I'll have to go online to get some nice, good old, coney leave-in.

... But when that's said I did find something!
First one is the 'Aussie Dual Personality Anti Frizz + Conditioning Milk'. It does contain cones and I kinda like the scent but it was quite pricey and it doesn't do anything for my hair, so I definitely won't repurchase this product. I'm quite disappointed because I really like the Aussie deep conditioners... Meh... (Only one cone, Dimethicone.)

The other one is 'Gliss Hair Repair With Liquid Keratin Leave-in Spray'. I've heard a lot of rave about products containing keratin but I haven't felt curious to try it out. But since the Aussie didn't help detangling I wanted something that would. And the only product besides the "super-miracle-hair-oils-blah-blah" was this one by Gliss. Some years ago I tried a few Gliss products but my skin had a bad reaction so I haven't really been tempted to buy their products since. But as an act of complete desperation I bought it, as you already know. But to my surprise I really, really like it! I don't know if it's the keratin or the cones but my hair LOVES it! And I love the scent. :D  I will totally buy this again! (Cyclomethicone, Phenyl Trimethicone and good old Dimethicone.)

So... The other day I bought more products from Gliss(on sale). They are both with keratin. I can't wait to try them. I think the smell is a little sickening sweet, but if my hair likes it I don't really mind. :)

These Wella Pro Series conditioners were also on sale and I just love the smell of Wella products. I was in a shopping mood so I bought them. :P Looking forward to try these too.

I've heard so much good stuff about Garnier Fructis so I bought these two conditioners for CO'ing. I like the scent. :) It's gonna be a nice change form my trusty old Vo5!

I already have some in black but they don't have have balls on the ends like these do. :)

I'm taking another type of food supplement. I think I'm gonna do an entire entry about my food supplements, because it's complicated. About vitamin C it should be really good for people with my illness so I finally bought some. I believe that to some extend the body tells you what you need, and I've always been obsessed about things that contain vitamin C. And learning about the possitive effects it has on people with EDS I just wanted to try it out. :)

I hope you enjoyed my ramble. ^_^

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