tirsdag den 17. september 2013

My Shady Collection!

I thought I would do this before it's too late. Well I always wear sun glasses, all year round. Because I'm a creature of the night, and the sun is my worst enemy. It's always out to get me...

I Just love these bright blue pair, and IRL the outer edges of the lens fades into is purple. Oh and the gold! (From Ebay)

I still love blues, purples, and I just adore these. This pair is more decorative than anything. They look awesome with this blue pink lipstick I have. (From Ebay) It doesn't get more hippie than this. I also love the rose gold...

These are so sick IMO! People stare so hard when I wear these! Well more than usual. XD 
(Also from Ebay)

I love my mad scientist glasses! I haven't worn them out yet because I just bought many pairs at once. But I'm looking forward to it! They are so rad. ^ ^ (From Ebay)

When I wanna look more classy and refined, yet sassy, I wear these retro cat eye,  with fake turtle shell details. They always look stunning and chic. I love these with my red lipstick! (Again, from Ebay)

One of my faves! The mirror effect is so cool, and the black edge and the feminine details on the sides.... I can't get tired on them. (Ebay)

If you haven't noticed, I like, I guess, somewhat extreme eye wear... Love the crazy with the gold and brown lens. (Ebay)

These are several years old, from when I first started getting into sun glasses. As a young teenager I was sure I was too ugly to wear them... Yeah, I had a tough "youth" and no childhood. Anyways, now I don't give a crap what people thinks of me. You can't please everybody, so please yourself and have fun, I say. :) They are, of course, a Ray Ban knockoff, but I just love the style and don't wanna spend the money on this kind of thing. These are also pretty retro and timeless, but safe. :) They look good on all faces. (From some random local general store, ages ago) I love the plum color of the glass. These also look amazing with red lipstick. 

Some nice sturdy black ones. (Ebay)

Another pair of small round sunnies, but in all black. (Ebay)

Big, black 'n' round! That sounds like a woman. :P When I saw a similar style on Jen (Clothesencounters) from youtube I fell in love with round ones. I've worn these a lot! (Ebay, a few years ago, I think)

Another old pair. I haven't worn these a ton, but I still like them. (From the same general store mentioned above)

I recently bought these in red, pink and black.  I wanted some of this style, even though it's been so overdone this summer. (Ebay)

So that's it for now, if you're still reading, thank you so much! ^___________^

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