tirsdag den 17. september 2013

A bit of Sewing! :)

Back in summer (It's officially fall here, yay!) I made this girly thing. :D Later, my mom told me that it used to be a curtain in her dads home office (he passed almost 20 years ago). And it's all the way back from when my mom was a kid. So it's probably about forty years old... So cool.    

I've Had this idea for a long time... I have a profound love for everything dark, so of course I love, love , love the Addams Family. I named my dog Wednesday and I identify myself with Morticia. I wanted a Morticia inspired dress, so I made one. Only, this one has a lot of fabric in the skirt instead of the body hugging original. You can't see it in the pics but the skirt is actually pretty voluminous. It looks pretty boxy but it's looks totally great on, fitted in the waist and around the shoulders, with a flattering boat neck. For a younger look I made the sleeves a bit poufy. I am considering sewing them in and make them more fitted, though, for a more original Morticia look.  It's so comfy and "formal" at the same time. 

I made it in the honor and memory of Winny, a very missed and loved woman. My friend, life mentor and one of the most beautiful people I've ever met. I made it for, and wore it at her funeral ceremony. She would have liked that. She loved glamour just as much as me, so I wanted to be glamorous for her. I did my hair, nails and make up, with only the loss of her in my thoughts... 

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