tirsdag den 17. september 2013

A bit of decor!!!

Firstly, sorry about the absence. I've been bedridden for over 14 days, sooo, that was fun... Well the great thing about it is the feeling of coming back to life. It feels amazing when you get your senses back. Food tastes, colors explode and my brain works so fast! I love life (when I'm well)!!!
Okay on to the stuff! For the last couple of months I've been getting some cool stuff for my apartment. :) Which I really shouldn't be doing 'cause I have such a tight budget because of my current situation. I'm too sick to take an education or keep a job, even a super flexible one, and they don't wanna give me a pension because of my age (20). So I have to make it work on a very low income.

Anyways! I found some fun stuff at my local (tiny) thrift store.

This is my new man, quite handsome I think. :) It's a genuine 1800's bust made my a very well known danish sculpture maker. Portraying a danish writer or poet I think. He's ears are a bit chipped, besides that, he is in pretty damn good shape! He fits perfectly in my cave.

Just one more of him! :P

This next thing is so funny and beautiful. According to the seller it's supposedly genuine and worth something. I dunno. I just fell completely in love! The positions, the expressions. I can't even. :D And it wasn't that expensive. so, yeah! :)

I very recently found this old mirror. I think the unusual color is so amazing. I'm pretty sure the frame was originally for a picture/painting. The back looks like it's been changed a long time ago. I'm not sure exactly how old it is, but I can see it's old. Wether that's 50 or 100 I have no clue. :) I just love it!

At first when I saw these I laughed at how tacky they are. But when I looked closer I actually really liked them because of that. They are very pretty, pink and pearly... Not at all my taste. But they go so well with my Wall of Death, or Creep Wall! The wall by my antique table is decorated with framed, antique post mortem photographs. (I will show you when the wall is done, and tell why.) I think they are a nice contrast to the photos. :)

My decor style is antique grandma with a heavy dose of death. That's what I find comfortable living in. :) I hope you enjoyed! ^____^ 

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