mandag den 23. december 2013

I'm allergic to indigo!!? (dafuq!)

Just to warn you, this is gonna be a bit rambly… Enjoy!!! XD

Sooo, not too long ago I bought a whole bunch of indigo… Because I only "aloud" myself to dye my hair black because I could do it in a beneficial way to my hair… Well, my scalp first started itching. Then it turned really red and became super sore and tender. And that is so annoying 'cause it itches like crap, but when you scratch back it stings like a MOFO!!! At first I thought it was a reaction to the Special Effects 'Blue Mayhem' (a super bright, vibrant royal blue), so I stopped using that. But then I had the same reaction just using the henna and indigo after… It just didn't occur to me that this natural plant could give me this reaction! (?) Me, who lives by the fact that ALL is chemistry… I just really didn't expect that I would be allergic to freakin' indigo!!! I mean come on!!!!  *exaggerated pouty face*
… I'm not plannin' on growing out the black already, so I had to figure out another way to keep it black. Fortunately I was pretty lucky here not too long ago. I've seen a ton of commercials, and heard a lot of rave about this new line of box dye OLIA. The formula is supposedly 60% oil, and it's ammonia free, which is the reason I jumped on it, to be honest! :P I hate the smell and the tears. About the fortune, my local general store had six boxes of OLIA in deep black on sale for only 50DDK/9,18USD. Which is an insanely good bargain here in Denmark!!! I was so excite! :D (Normally it costs almost three times that!)

A little close up of the box!

I guess I'll do a little review, 'cause I feel like sharing my experience! Okay… I actually really like this product! It's give a nice strong colour result, which in deep black, gives a nice deep blue black. (Which is nice because it was what I wanted, but didn't expect! Looking at the illustrational picture on the box, I was expecting a very dark brownish black.) The formula is a bit runny, but very easy to distribute. It has a decent smell, but the best thing besides the result, is the after-conditioner! It's a quite nice sized bottle, because it's meant for a couple of applications, but I'm just stoked that it has enough for all my hair!!! Not that I have that much, but I guess it helps that I'm starting to have a little length. :) Another thing I love about this dye is that it makes my hair SOOOOOOO shiny! It's glorious! I'm not really too bothered about the bad chemicals and all that. My hair loves it and my skin approves, so I'm happy. (When it has to be like this.)

I'm gonna use the rest of the indigo on my length only, 'cause buying that indigo was not a cheap affaire for me! And I will not throw it out! 

I hope it wasn't a total bore? I would be nice if you would let me know if you did or did not enjoy it! 


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