mandag den 23. december 2013


In Denmark we celebrate Christmas the 24. of december, during the day and evening! So technically, it's Christmas for me now! (it's 1.40 AM) Just wanted to share some cheerful christmasy pics!!!

My chocolate Christmas calendar!

In Denmark we make these Christmas decorations with some shit stuck in a lump of clay, with a candle in the middle! Yay, I like it!!! XD (I have no idea which other countries does this???)

My skull got a santa hat! We wouldn't want him to get a could now would we!?

My lamp cord thought it was safe, but oh no!

My glass cabinet with a huge bow on! (That sounds kinda dirty…)

My usual, old, cheap-ass, plastic Christmas tree! It has these little clear plastic wispies, that used to light up, but that function is broke this year… 

Some presents for my family!!! Ahh, I really love giving gifts! The best thing ever!

A little, cute, ceramic, tea light house I bought this year! I'm happy I did!

My new best bud!!! I've always wanted a hot water bottle. I was lucky 'cause my brother won it in a Christmas lottery game, and he didn't want it! Soo yeah!

Ahh, the cocoa cookies I always bake this time of year! I did a four-double batch this time… They are a bit popular. :) (This is just a little portion)

And, finally, my moms tree! This is also a quite small one, but it's real! And it smells so nice! Here in Denmark the plastic trees are quite a new thing. I like both!

Well, I hope you enjoyed!!! I hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy holiday!!!


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