torsdag den 26. december 2013


Okay, I turned 21 in november and my mom started a savings account when I was born, which I received for my birthday. :) I haven't really been able to afford any furniture since I got my own place, so it's really nice. I got about 26000DKK/4770,60USD, which is a massive amount to me! I'm always very mature, also with money, so I decided to spend a little bit of these money on something fun and irresponsible!!! Yay, stupid decisions!!! XD

First I got these! I couldn't resist the bling and the vulgarness! Also, I've been a little obsessed with the dollar sign since I was a little kid. They are quite nice and big, measuring about 5cm/2" but they are not really heavy or uncomfortable. :) And they were only about 80DKK/14,68.

I had a bit of a hard time getting a good picture of this amazing necklace… the green stones are really vibrant, especially the lighter green. But my phone wasn't really having that, so imagine it in the most beautiful green you can! It's a choker styled length, and it look even more beautiful on! Can't wait to wear it!!!! It was a bit pricey for me, costing 200DDK/30-40USD-something.

So pretty!!!

Okay, this one I just had to have… As I've proclaimed before, I'm obsessed with rain, cloudy weather, thunder and all that, generally labelled as "bad weather". I just can't get enough of it! So I thought this necklace was funny. And it was cheap.

I'm very excited about this pair, as you can see I'm not done with all things space! They are from Cheap Monday but they were on sale for a lot less than they originally costed. I love everything about them!

I got 2 pairs of feet containers! The first pair is a pair of of black sandals! I love the black lace shoe box! So nice!

They are quite impossible to walk in, and I'm pretty good with heels. The soles are pretty plasticey and slippery on smoother terrains. But the only were 99DKK/18,16USD and I think they look pretty nice! I can always scratch the soles up, or put something sticky on. :)

And for the best part!!! Can you recognize the box???

It's a pair of Jeffrey Campbell's! It's the Oil Slick Lita which I falled in love with some time ago. I didn't  have the money for that type of boot. But now, with the money, I feel okay spending a bit more money than I normally would on a pair of boots for myself. And they are such nice quality! 

They are so pretty! It's definitely not the last pair of JC I'm gonna buy! About the fit, I will say that they are very true to size like everybody says, but it's quite roomy around the foot. Which I don't mind. You can also just make it tighter with the shoe ties. They are so comfy!!! And a breeze to walk in. Ah, I just love them! 

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