torsdag den 26. december 2013


Okay, I were sick and out and shopping groceries with my mom and little brother and I saw this ad for a slightly used three seated chesterfield sofa with additional chairs! For only 4000DKK/733,94USD! Or, I paid 4500DKK/825,68USD to have it brought to my house. But that's fine with me. I have no way of getting furniture home myself!

(By the way, you can see a bit of my wall of death/creep wall!)

It was a huge pain to clean them! First I vacuumed them really well, with all the holes and creases. Them I washed them down very thoroughly, again, holes and all! Lastly I coated them with a nice leather balm and left it on overnight. I polished off the excess next day. And it really paid off! They look brand spankin' new!!! But it did make my knuckles bleed, literally! :( But I do love the result! Also, I would never have been able to afford a new set… And I've always dreamed of chesterfield! I never thought I'd be having this kind of furniture… I SO love the look! And it's like sitting and laying on a cloud! I didn't expect the comfyness. :)


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