fredag den 4. oktober 2013

A little collective haul!

This is just some stuff I've bought in regular clothing stores, but still high street stuff though. ;)

(Excuse the wrinkliness ! XD)

I love everything about this first cropped t-shirt. The print is just perfect for my life! It reminds me of mystery, and hand reading, and a gypsy lady (I have some "gypsy" blood in my family) that can tell your future. I think it goes well with my new darker look. :P And I really like the detail that the print is cream and not just white. 

(From Monki)

I love the LOL print. XD And it has some really pretty colours in it as well.

(From Monki)

The colour of the stones, on the collar, is so pretty, I think! And now I can match the lamp I bought yesterday! XD

(Also from Monki)

So pretty!...

I bought this stripy one way too big... :( And I live too far from the store to wanna bother with returning it. And it was a small store so they probably wouldn't even have the one in my size anymore... But I make it work anyway, and I'm still really happy that I have it! I've actually been looking for a shirt like this, with or without sleeves. I love how it looks with the chest pockets, having horizontal stripes to brake it up at bit and making it more interesting. :)

(From Monki)

I totally fell in love when I saw this super cute sheer button down, with the lovely velvet details on the collar and mid section. So it's very appropriate for everything IMO. :)


This white top with all the beetles is so  me!!! I love everything like this! And it's so soft. :D


I found this top on sale and I love her and her band, so I bought it!... Evidently! :D (She is one of my big red hair idols... XD)

(From H&M)

I also found this blueish pink on sale in a mens store. I love the shade of pink. :)

(A local mens wear store)

I mostly buy shirts, tops and cardigans, because I make the rest myself. I prefer to wear black maxi-skirts, it suits me better than pants and it's easier for my aching hands and fingers. Also, I have a pretty small waist, so NOTHING ever fits me properly. And I know I'm not alone! :)

I hope you enjoyed it! Anyways, thanks for reading! ^_____^ 

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