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Beauty and Hair.

So this is just some stuff I've bought a while ago, but haven't gotten around to blog about yet. Thought I would do that now! :D

First I'm running out of regular face powder. I got this in the believe that it was translucent setting powder, but it's clearly just a regular one... I must have been tired or something... I haven't tried it yet, so I have no idea if I like it. 

I've heard so much rave about these masks so I really wanted to try them out... Well, I'm not exactly impressed. The sauna one was really awful. :( It was a self heating thing, and I did NOT enjoy it. And the formula ruined one of my little cotton towels, it totally made big brown stains! :(

Then I splurged a little on some hair stuff! My best friend had been raving about this hair oil, Orofluido. It smelled super nice and looked really nice too, and was quite affordable, so I thought why not. I also found a few other things, like the Aussie leave-in spray. And I've wanted to try the Chi silk infusion for YEARS! When I got the package it reeked this horribly synthetic sweet smell, and no it was not the lollypop, it was the Aussie product... I understand now why it was so cheap. It sure smells like it! :S I don't know if I'll ever get it used, but I'll try I guess... 

A pic of what was in the package. 

A close up of the Orofluido oil. It smells divine but doesn't really do anything for my hair. My friend was ecstatic about what it did to her hair, my hair was more like: Meh... 
But did I mention it smells amazing?! XD Like strong vanilla (in a very good way). 

The infamous (smelly) leave-in spray :S ... Maybe it's amazing in my hair, who knows? :)

Annnd the tiny sample of CHI Silk Infusion. Man I love this product! I love that it's for both hair and skin! And I love, love, love the smell! I can't really explain it, but I think it's amazing. :D

I found these super adorable socks at my local store. I remember that I used to wear similar ones as a small child and I loved them! I still do... ^____^

I I found a new version of my favorite leave-in spray, now with UV protection, which is a plus now that I dye my hair black and blue. XD 
... And it was on sale...

I found this super cute jewelry the other day. It was very. very cheap and I like the fact that it looks like it too. :P I like how the twisted gold looks kinda ghetto. It'll go nicely with the new cold hair colour. :)

In the early summer I was out thrifting when I found this beauty! It's authentic vintage and absolutely stunning! The pattern is handmade with teeny tiny cross stitches! The inside is lined with creme silk. 

I also love how even the metal parts are decorated!

Of course the bottom is decorated too! I can't even... It's sooo pretty!!! >^______^< 

I also found these old clasp earrings. They are cheaply made and  were in pretty bad shape, but I'd been looking for this type of earring for a long time. They just doesn't make this style anymore... The red plastic "pearls"(?) were so scuffed to the point that they looked almost white! But I gave them a few coats of clear nail polish and they ended up looking like this! :D The metal contains nickel so I gave the entire earring a few good coats as well. I think they look so elegant and chic, and they costed me pretty much nothing. :) The way I like it! 

Some time ago I bought some ribbon! I like the dusty rose, and I always love lace! 

I like the look of a ribbon tied in the collar of a button down. (Sorry about the weird lighting in this pic, the sun was suddenly super strong.) 

Some time ago I was at a local flea market and found some vintage chokers! I love the black beads. :)

And look at the multicoloured rhinestones on the lock! I think it's a very nice detail. And I love the gold with the black. The black beads has a blue-greenish sheen, kinda like oil slick... 

I also found this lacey-crochet looking choker also with black beads. 

When I saw this delicate necklace I immediately thought of Holly Golightly! The scene from 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' where Audrey Hepburn wears all pink with a pink tiara and jewelry. I really wanted it, and when I learned how cheap it was I found no justifiable reason to why I shouldn't buy it! So I evidently did, and I've worn it a lot! I still love it. I like the almost white silvery metal. 

I really hope you enjoyed! 


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