søndag den 20. oktober 2013


Very recently I was at my fabric store and, and have to admit, I splurged pretty hard... I feel a bit guilty. But I really feel like my money is spend very well. The clothes I sew for myself is something I wear till it falls apart. Literally.

Well, on to the "stuff"!

When I saw this print it was absolutely love at first sight! Some might call it ugly, fugly even. But I love it! Obviously I love spacey stuff... But I really dig the unusual colours. I think mint goes so amazingly well with my blue-black hair. It's a super soft jersey, so it's very comfy but also falls heavy and flattering. Perfect combination! :D

A little close up!

I bought enough to make two. But I made a train on the second one. 

I also bought some even softer, red jersey. The colour is a super strong and popping, orangey red. It looks super glamorous on. :) You can't see it when it's on the hanger but it has a TON of fabric in the skirt. Almost all the fabric is in the back, so it gives a bit of volume in the booty area, which my flat-ish butt doesn't mind! :P There are no pleats in the front but you can't really see that in the pictures, because the weight of the fabric drags it down.

And a close up of the back. You may get a sense of how much fabric there is. It weighs a ton but looks pretty! ^_^ On all the dresses I made the sleeves a bit too long. I think it gives a super elegant look and silhouette. it gives an almost gloved look.  

Okay, I had some serious problems making this look even decent on a hanger... This is the best I could do. :( It looks cute on, I swear! Well, it's a black and creme striped maxi skirt, also in jersey, with an exposed silver zipper in the back. I has a double layer of elastics in the waist, just because I was trying out something new. :) I really like that it's black and creme and not navy and white. It's the same old classic, but with a new twist. When I wear it it kinda looks circusy, because my style is getting a bit gypsy inspired, I think. :) But I don't at all mind the circus vibe. 

I guess my camera doesn't like stripes either... : S

Yeah I messed up a little with the zipper, but I didn't really care at that point. 

I'm working on a very exciting sewing project, and I can't wait to blog about it! It will be so glorious. A little hint: it's very appropriate for the current holiday... :P

I hope you like it! 

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