lørdag den 5. oktober 2013


Denmark has a pretty cold climate, so most danes are always complaining about the weather. The summers are known for being rainy and chilly (yet sunny), very like the british and swedish. I happen to really intensively love that type of weather; I love rain, a grey and cloudy sky and a bit of thunder. That makes me really, really happy. So I always celebrate when the leafs turn colour and sheds, and more and more days are dominated by rain etc.
This is a few pictures of my street in my favorite season!

Ahh, I just love me some nice dramatic clouds! And It's so wonderful with a pair of nice home knitted socks and a warm cup of tea! I bought this floral tea cup as a souvenir from my first visit to Tivoli ever, during the summer. 
I like putting some red sugar harts in my tea, I think it looks so cute. Normally I really dislike things that are too cute and pretty, but I like my tea sweet and girly. XD

<3 <3 <3

I also really like fall and winter because I'm very sensitive to light, that's also a reason to why I have such an extensive collection of sun glasses. 


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