torsdag den 3. oktober 2013

LENGTH SHOT! (September 2013.)

The first picture was taken with my cheap digital camera, and I'm not really a fan of how it portrays my ends!!! :S They do NOT look that thin IRL! I promise you! :(

The second picture was taken with my iPhone, which I've always used for this. I think my hair looks so short lately. Because of the "big" trim not too long ago, I'm still hovering at this 'close to classic, but still not really there' which I've been for, what seems like, ages! But at least I've got a new exciting hair colour to keep me entertained! :D I know my hemline looks lopsided but it's not. I just didn't brush it properly, it went pretty fast because I wasn't feeling well. I'm a bit disappointed in how my new black hair looks like in pics. IRL it looks so vibrant and deep... In these pics it just looks dull and kinda bad. At least it looks flippin awesome through the filter of my eyeballs! XD   


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