torsdag den 3. oktober 2013

Todays thrift-treasures!!!

I was out buying my brothers birthday gift, and I couldn't help myself...... I had to check out the local (super tiny) thrift store. But of course I found some stuff I just needed in my life! XD

This first piece is IMO to die for! It looks so amazing on. I love the crazy-colour-flower-butterfly-party against the monochrome zebra print. And normally I dislike sequin but it looks very pretty on this shirt. You can't really see it in the pics, but the flower and butterfly print is decorated with the most delicate sequin! I LIKE IT! :D

I just really liked this mellow button down. The print is kind of like an animal print, but not really. And I like the sandy colour with pink undertones. I think it'll be a nice contrast to my new hair. :)

I just had to have this! It doesn't fit me (yet), but I'm plannin' on loosin' some weight soon. And it's in perfect condition! It's such a nice quality. :)

Love love love the beading details! 

I think mint compliments black hair so well, so when I saw this I fell in love and died. XD I love the shape of the mesh-part, very feminine and pretty. Can't wait to wear it!

I love the unusually big print on this dress, and the colours are so beautiful. And roses are my favorite flower! The only sad thing about this dress is that it's a bit short for my long legs. :( But I'll make it work anyway. 

I have a thing for negligé, especially the retro kind! Sometimes I'm lucky and find a cute piece like this.  

I got this nice over sized, red cardigan. :)

This white cardigan is so soft! I like the crochet/knit look.

Okay, pictures doesn't do this red tee any justice! It's made of a very shiny, luxurious material. It falls heavy and feels cool and amazing against the skin. I love how it reflects the light. I can't properly explain it. :)

This piece is super flowy and sheer. And the little black bow is super cute! It's in good shape too. :D

I like the colour of this pink shirt, with the red splashes and writing. I love the combination of the two. When I was a kid someone told me that you couldn't mix red and pink... I've always loved it! 

I had to get this dude. At first I thought he was a she, because of the chest area, but he is actually a he. But I kinda like that he looks like an androgynous female. :P

I also found a new lamp... I have a feeling that my taste in lamps is pretty tacky, but who cares! :) I actually really like it. I haven't seen anything like this before, and it was kinda cheap, so... 

So purdy and shiny!!!

I hope you enjoyed! ^_____^

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